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Put an end to paperwork, delays and broken systems

Put an end to Paperwork, Delays and Broken Systems

Builders want to build. Salespeople want to sell. Businesses want to grow.

As experienced entrepreneurs and technologists, we sat and listened (really listened) to you - the industry professionals - about your frustrations and your needs for now and in the future. Rethinking an empowering software solution. We took that as a challenge and worked with industry leaders to create the most efficient, easy to use and customizable system available to the industry today. And we are just getting started.

ServicePad’s focus on efficiency drives our design team to ensure ServicePad is easy to use for all stakeholders.


“We built on the possibility of tomorrow, solving the problems of today.”

Frustrated With Slow and Confusing Software?

ServicePad is Your One and Done Solution Designed For:

Kennels & Coops
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Create RTO Contracts in Minutes

Simplified and Integrated Contract Management


Any Device.

One and Done


Adaptable to
Market Needs

Six Simple Steps to Success







Direct feed of work orders from IdeaRoom’s 3D builder and other configurators.

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Easy to use step by step guidance for completing an RTO contract

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Required fields are highlighted to eliminate missing information that ensures fast review and approvals by RTO management companies

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Easy input of payment, customer, and references information

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E-signing software to sign now or sign later via email link

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Signed work orders and RTO contracts are emailed to the customer, dealer and manufacturer

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Imagine Your New Work Day

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    Gain Hours Back in Your Day

    Complete RTO Contracts in under 10 Minutes

  • icon-document
    Reduce Administrative Work

    All Documents Maintained Securely Online

  • icon-fast
    Get Approvals Faster

    Reduce Missing Documents. Simple Shared
    Views of Contracts

  • icon-Increase
    Increase Sales

    More Time Selling Customers, Less Time on

  • icon-money
    More Money in Your Pocket

    Bottom Line Time = Money

Why Companies are Moving to ServicePad...

  • Fast Setup_
    Fast Setup:

    Getting set up is a breeze with our simple, intuitive platform, you don't have to be in high tech to learn and use ServicePad.

  • Full Support_
    Full Support:

    ServicePad has dedicated staff to help you onboard and receive the support you need. We provide full service support and we listen to customer feedback

  • 3D Builder Integrations_
    3D Builder Integrations:

    Fully customizable and integrated with 3D builder software for seamless generation of orders and RTO contracts at the point of sale.

  • Easy Access_
    Easy Access:

    Easy e-signing at point of sale or via email wherever the customer is located. Easily managed contracts through the approval process.

  • Fast, Cloud Based Software_
    Fast, Cloud Based Software:

    Web based software, no need for special equipment. Access anywhere 24/7 without the need to download, maintain or update.

  • Streamlined Contract Delivery
    Streamlined Contract Delivery:

    The signed work order and RTO contract is emailed to the customer and the manufacturer for processing.

What did we build for today?

What did we build for today

We took industry insight with agile software development and used our expertise to create a unique combination that quickly delivers best in class RTO contract management software and delivers signed contracts in 5 minutes.

What are we building for tomorrow?

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Continued enhancement of features including: full service manufacturing and RTO contract portfolio management company software, including accounting, inventory, and other backend functionality.

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Focused on Your Success

ServicePad offers the ability to increase productivity by automating contract generation and eliminating back and forth requests for documents.

Making sales in real time, with little time for minds to change. We help eliminate delays in finalizing contracts between manufacturing and RTO management companies so that commission gets paid quicker and documents delivered with less headaches with our Six Steps to Success. We are committed to winning together by delivering daily performance gains to all stakeholders. Partner with us - save time, help increase revenue. Let’s grow together.

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